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Force Majeure and Hardship /COVID19

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic and the correlative measures, there are many contracts and obligations which will not be able to be performed.

To solve this situation, a case to case analysis shall be done under the light of the agreed clauses between the parties and the applicable law.

As lawyers specialist in international trade law and contract law, we could help your company in these difficult times, to reach the best solution with your contract partners and to develop a good strategy moving forward.

Furthermore, our expert in Family law can help you in family law topics affected by this new situation.

Peter Giebeler

Birgit Burkert

Maria Victoria Caelles Llacer

Thanks to many years of work experience in international environment and my academic skills, I am an expert drafting, reviewing and negotiating international contracts and dealing with daily cross-border business issues.

Maria Victoria Caelles Llacer

EU Law has a great influence in the legal system of each EU Member and in our day to day life. It is important that the companies and their employees have a basic knowledge of the EU regulations, in order to apply them in the best possible manner.

Maria Victoria Caelles Llacer

As a Spanish Lawyer living in Germany since 2005 and having worked in well-known law firms in Germany, I am the correct contact person for German companies regarding Spanish law issues o for Spanish speaking companies and private persons with business and issues in Germany.

Maria Victoria Caelles Llacer

Automation and the exploration of new possibilities to make the legal department and the contract management of any company more effective has become key to be successful in modern times. Due to my experience and the lead of automation projects in the past, I can advise you about the best way to become more efficient and to use the new tools of the modern world.

Maria Victoria Caelles Llacer

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences in Trainings, Workshops and Inhouse- Seminars, which I offer in English, German and Spanish. I take specially care selecting content which is adequate to the needs of the company. I usually speak about the following topics:

-Legal basics

-International Contracts

-International Distributors and Agents

-Force Majeure / Hardship

-Global Trade Compliance

-Legal Tech and process improvement.

If the issue you need is not listed, please let me know and I will be happy to work on it with you.